The Story of the HOUSE of ITALY


The House of Italy’s Italian-American neighborhood is all of San Diego.  Its home is one of the 32 historic international cottages tucked into San Diego’s beautiful jewel, Balboa Park.  The cottages were founded as part of the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935. Today they are called the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages, and they promote multicultural goodwill and understanding through cultural, educational and social programs.


The House of Italy (HOI) plays a major role in maintaining the Italian Americans’ cultural identity.   It keeps our unique Italian American heritage alive by helping its members live and remember their heritage, pass it down to the next generation, and introduce it to non-Italians.


The objectives of the HOI to this day remain:


Preserve and foster the art and culture of Italy,


Extend hospitality to all guests and greet visitors with a warm Italian welcome,


Provide a family atmosphere for its members and guests,


Sponsor activities and programs throughout the year,


 Come and visit us on Sunday afternoons in the International Cottage area of Balboa Park between noon and 4:00 PM.  Or become a member and join us for an Italian family-style dinner on the third Sunday of the month to have fun and make new friends.


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